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Thursday, November 23, 2006

You know how I wish that I could have more time... ...

To walk a little slower-so that I could take in the fabulous views along the way

To pay more frequent visits to friends' blogs and update my own entries- so that I can update myself on their lives (and vice versa) and not lose touch for too long

To spend more time on sending and replying mails/emails, chat on msn, talk/yak on the phone, meet people up for a cuppa coffee or tea- I crave closer interactions with people I just don't see that often anymore

To seek a better balance in life and meet all the commitments that beckons on a daily basis (for one, there's so many birthdays coming up, some clashing with one another...)

And to still have time for myself to reflect and reminisce.

It's being rather greedy, ain't it?

Time, after all, is one of the most scarce commodity around.


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