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Monday, December 18, 2006

It's come to the end of another school term, and now the beginning of another week. There's been so so much going on during the past semester, and looking back now, it seems like they're all jumbled up in the crazy whirlwind of running around, doing things. That's why I've been craving a little personal space, to simply sit down, reflect and recollect.

My junior's just came up to visit about 3 days ago, and is heading for Toronto in a day's time. Then to New York, etc. The land of my Mega travelling plans, blueprints for castles-in-the-air that are not yet in sight. Heh. But after my papers, I'll have to sit down and plan so that the next trip can materialise soon enough. I want to go somewhere sometime...soon...There's loads of plans that I want to make, and several people saying they'll come visit (from home!) etc...but these are all mere casual 'maybes' for now. Would be great to have some of them become an eventual reality, but we'll see. There's still some time before then and now, so I guess I'll just keep the hopes alive?

Many other little bits-and-bobs that's been happening in my life and some dear frens'...Anyway, let me borrow the 'thousand words' verbal power of photos to update on some going-ons on this side of the globe, where sunlight is getting scarcer by the day...

That's my International Week teammate and fren, Kolya, who's just graduated from her Masters. And ... that's us doing one of the dance move for our item during the Welcome Week in front of the International Office. Heh.

Here's when two gals decided that they both needed a windbreaker...and decided on the very same one, confirming each other's buy. =p (It has been a nice visit and catching up session. Maybe we all need such time-out solitaires with each other sometimes!)

And yups..that's me and zj.. in Wollaton Park. A banana-in-pj fren that I'm thankful for being here with moi at Notts!

I like this photo, dunch'ya, b2? Just 'kop' this from here k. Remind me on the rest later...

And that's from me for now.

Love to hear from ya all!

(p.s. to those peeps travelling/ going to travel, have a Great time whereva u r!Skiiing, homegoing, walk-walk-see-see-ing.... And pam...here's me sending my greetings to the US, tho' u'll probably not see this till much later! =) )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adel adel! that's such a nice photo of the two of us! I came home from Wollaton having a cold rash on both my thighs. Think today the cold was a little unbearable for my poor legs!

Sha guo fan tonight was quite yummy! lena said i passed with flying colours haha. shall cook for u soon. Was thinking next week! get yl's house and u and cath over.

For now, need to think about dessert menu for christmas eve dinner! We need Pam...

3:22 PM  
Blogger aspiroz said...

Hey! Haha...it's ok..we'll come up with something!
Yea...ur mum's recipe worked =)
We made laksa at our flat last night...gosh..only when I was stirring the pot did I realise how much I miss the smell of home food! haha..

See u soon!

12:00 PM  

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