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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dear all,

I'm back on blog again! Though I've been harbouring thoughts about moving from here for quite some time already. Reason for wanting a change of address? Well, part of the explicable reason is perhaps a hope that with a completely new blog, (not just a facade revamp this time) I'll be able to move on from the 'blog persona' I've self-adopted on this particular one. Also, with the new year around, I decided that it will be a good time to leave behind the past and finally begin anew.

So yups...just as my very nascent post credited the creator of this address, I'll say my thanks again to yu =) Please leave me a msg on the tagboard/comment here or email me for the new address if you're still keen to drop by once in a while...

The new blog is still non-existent now btw, but should surface in due course.

Thanks for coming by, those of you who did... even though the past posts have been more random than I'd have liked. Errmm...having said that...no promises on the new one kies, but I'll try to update whenever I can!

For now, take care everyone...


(To a friend who's leaving for home really soon... Hope the plans of doing a traditional dance together under the Mongolian skies will be realised one fine day... )


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